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You deserve to be happy.

Tap into the best accredited, and experienced counselors who can help you with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, grief, and more. With our counselors, you get the same professionalism and quality you would expect from an in-office counselor, but with the ability to communicate when and how you want.

Our Top Services


Active Parenting: First Five Years

Our newest course for parents of children from birth to age 5 shows how to nurture a child with a “just right” combination of freedom and nonviolent discipline.


Active Parenting Of Teens

This program helps parents gain confidence and courage to meet the challenges (and savor the joys) of their children’s teen years.


Addiction Counselling

Addiction can slowly creep up on you. It doesn’t happen overnight. You may start by needing to take a substance or to do an activity that makes you feel better.  That’s the point when addiction counseling can help.


Leadership Coaching

Many organizations are struggling to find solutions that truly make an impact in today’s hybrid world of work. We help develop results-oriented, proactive leaders who can deliver increased engagement, improved performance, increased retention, and real results for your organization—no matter the work environment.


Business Coaching

Business coaching has become a common and important practice for CEOs and business owners who want to advance themselves and their companies. Still, many business leaders don’t truly understand what coaching actually is.


Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is a life coaching specialization that helps people find greater fulfillment in their personal relationships. 



Career coaching is a type of personal coaching that helps people find greater fulfillment in their careers by establishing professional goals, creating a plan and overcoming obstacles that may be in the way.


Money and Finance Coaching

Money and finance coaching is focused on improving the financial status for both personal or business clients. Personal financial coaching addresses an individual or couple and the focus depends on what season they are at in life.



Mother’s Love Consultantship believes that God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you. We want to pray for you! Submit your prayer request.
About Us

The Goal is
Global Well-Being, the Tool is Coaching

The ultimate goal of Mother’s Love Consultantship is to increase global well-being. We want you to thrive and live a meaningful, engaging, and joyful life. And we think life coaching is the best tool to make that happen.


What Clients Are Saying

"Every time I talk to Mother's Love, I am glowing with gratitude. I always remind myself of how lucky this city is to have such a wonderful person/ resource in our midst. I highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to find peace and joy in their relationship with self and others."

Margeret Wawira

"Mother's Love helped me to see and deal with problems in my life I could not solve by myself. As well as being qualified/professional, I found their counselling to be very "human" which helped me to understand and accept professional guidance that perhaps I might otherwise have resisted. I highly recommend Mother's Love as a competent and effective counsellor.

Julia Kerubo

"I first started counseling due to my sleeping issues and a fatigue. They quickly helped me recognize why I was experiencing these issues and without any pharmaceutical medications after only a few months I was able to go back to my day to day as usual. I felt the experience was extremely comforting and result-oriented. They are excellent and I highly recommend him."

Robert Mwangi

"Mother's Love was a great listener with compassion and wisdom. I felt the sessions strongly helped me and my relationship a lot to overcome anxiety and accept differences in my marriage.

Erick Mutuma

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